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What does the London Board for Shechita do?

How does Kosher meat and poultry compare with non-kosher meat?


“The controls in place by the London Board for Shechita (LBS) are stringent, with an audit trail stretching all the way back to the livestock so that nothing questionable would have been able to slip through the net into their licensed shops.”

Jackie Lipowicz – Chairman of the Licensed Kosher Meat Traders Association

Founded in 1804, the London Board for Shechita operates on behalf of the Federation of Synagogues, Spanish & Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, and The United Synagogues of Great Britain (in alphabetical order).

The Board has evolved into a streamlined service-provider, with the mission of providing a secure supply of kosher meat and poultry, at the lowest possible cost, at a high standard of kashrut and strict observance of all relevant UK and European legislation relating to environmental, health & safety and tax law. A registered Charity (Charity No. 233467), the Board is a non-profit-making organisation.