Rav Hamachshir – London Board for Shechita

Compensation Package Details Available on Application

The candidate may be based in either London or Manchester.

The LBS is looking to appoint a Rav Hamachshir. Reporting into the Rabbinic Authority and Chief Executive, the postholder will take responsibility for upholding the standards set by the Rabbinic Authority in the abattoirs in which the Board conducts or approves Shechita operations and throughout all the Board’s Licensed premises.

The wide-raging responsibilities of Rav Hamachshir include inspection of licensed premises and abattoirs around the UK, implementing operational changes as directed by the Rabbinic Authority and the Chief Executive and directing staff and licensees on application of Halachic requirements.

The ideal candidate must have Semicha approved by the Rabbinic Authority and have an in-depth knowledge of Halacha in respect of all areas of Kashrus and in particular Shechita, Bedika, Melicha and Nikkur. The candidate should be able to maintain excellent relationships with all key stakeholders whilst at the same time protecting the Board’s purpose and beneficiaries.

To view the full Job Description please Click Here. Potential candidates wishing to have an initial confidential conversation are invited to contact our Chief Executive Avrom Topperman: avrom@shechita.co.uk or 07503 247 472.

To apply for this position, applicants should send their CV and covering letter via email to Jeremy Cohen at jeremy@shechita.co.uk. Closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 13 July 2020.