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Shul Magazine Article 2013 – What is the LBS?

Shechita’s stock rising in modern world If you were living in a yurt in Siberia, it’s possible that news of the horsemeat scandal that swept Europe just a few months ago might just have passed you by. It caused widespread dismay among many people in many...

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JC Article & Letters

“The butchers who are cutting the mustard” Article featured in the Jewish Chronicle by Denise Phillips, 13 June 2013   “Knives are out as butchers attach meat price study” by...

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LBS Parent Body Synagogue websites: (In alphabetical order) Federation of Synagogues Spanish & Portuguese The United Synagogue   LBS Parent Body Kashrut websites: Federation of...

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Bedikah Halachic examination or inspection Chalaf The instrument of surgical sharpness used to perform shechita Shechita The Jewish religious humane method of slaughtering animals and poultry for food Shechted Slaughtered according to the Jewish religious...

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